About us

Established in 2004, Energy Technology  LTD began as a trade company that sell different kind of batteries to global market buyers.  In short time company have a reputation of professional seller that can provide professional solutions for the client. From the first moment we work hard to delivery a low cost but high quality production to our buyers. In this case we work closely with some factories and investing some. And now we can make pre sell control of batteries that make products quality more high. 

As a result of our long work with different factories and buyers we make our own brand of batteries - ET or Energy Technology. In this brand we are providing the high quality, low price, interesting style and after sale service - all that things that buyers want to have from us. And now we can offering to our client flexible solutions based on innovative, highly advanced technology and equipment.

Our advantages:
- competitive price ;
- fast delivery service - from the warehouse to client in short time;
- "Thinking quality" - we collect feedback's to make more good products;
- Customization service - you have a request to special solution? No problem. A wide range of goods that we have at stock and our expertise help us to fulfill your complicated requirements;
- You are always welcome.